What is Engage Montreal?

  • The objective of the Engage study is to provide an up-to-date portrait of various aspects related to the sexual health of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM). This information aims to support prevention interventions.
  • Participants are residents of Vancouver, Toronto or Montréal, and have been sexually active with other men in the past 6 months. Montréal’s public health department is doing the Montréal component of the study in collaboration with a team of representatives from community organizations, universities and public health.
  • Engage is the most recent study of gbMSM undertaken in Québec that combines observations collected through a questionnaire and biological samples. The last study of this nature dates back to 2008.  
  • Recruiting a representative sample of a specific population always presents a challenge. The Engage study used an adapted form of chain referral sampling: participants were recruited through people who have already participated in the study. All participants are invited to continue their participation by returning at 6-month intervals to complete a questionnaire and provide biological samples. 

Engage Montreal is currently inviting participants for another cycle of data collection.

Have you received an email or a phone call inviting you to book your one-year follow-up appointment?

Book your appointment now!

All participants will be contacted by a member of the Engage Montreal study staff to book a another follow-up appointment.

Participating in the Engage one-year follow-up visit will provide information on the real-time evolution of the sexual health of men who have sex with men over time and is an excellent opportunity to make a very precious and tangible contribution to advancing men’s sexual health in Montreal and across Canada.

Much like previous Engage study visits, to compensate you for your time and transportation costs, you will receive 50$ cash at the end of your visit. For this follow-up visit, you will not be asked to recruit other men to participate in this study.

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