Engage Data Analysis Resources

Interested in using our data? Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Review the Engage Data Request & Authorship Policy.

Begin by reviewing the Engage Data Request & Authorship Policy to familiarize yourself with the Engage data request process.

Step 2: Start thinking about your idea.

Identify your research question. What are you curious to know more about? What would be useful to inform a new policy or program? After identifying your research question, determine whether Engage data can help to answer it. To see if we are collecting the kinds of data you need, please click here to review our detailed questionnaire summary and contact us with any questions (contact details below).

Step 3: Complete and submit the Engage Concept Sheet.

The Engage Concept Sheet is a tool for working out your core research idea and hypotheses. Please click here to access the Engage Concept Sheet. You can also click here for an example of a completed concept sheet. Contact us if you would like to partner with a research collaborator to help with completing your concept sheet. Once completed, send your concept sheet to your local Engage coordinator (contact details below). The concept sheet will be forwarded by the coordinator to the research team members, who will discuss:

The research team may request some modifications to your idea or that you collaborate with any team members who are doing similar work.

Step 4: Complete and submit a Data Analysis Request (DAR).

Once the research team has reviewed your concept sheet and finalized it in collaboration with you, you will need to complete and submit a DAR. Please click here to access the DAR form. The DAR form is more detailed than the Engage Concept Sheet and includes questions about such complex matters as statistical analyses. For support with completing the form, click here to view an example of a completed DAR form, and consider contacting your local coordinator to be connected to an Engage Data Manager (contact details below). Once completed, send your DAR to your local coordinator, who will forward the request to the research team members for review. DARs proposing city-specific analyses are reviewed by city-specific research team members, and DARs proposing multi-city analyses are reviewed by the Engage Data Analysis Committee (DAC). Upon reviewing your DAR, the research team/DAC may provide suggestions on how to strengthen your DAR. Once your DAR has been approved and finalized, you can move on to the next step.

Step 5: Complete the project.

Over a four-month period, you will work with the research team to complete your analyses, reviewing and refining them along the way in accordance with the Engage Data Analysis Guidelines [LINK FORTHCOMING]. If the analyses are not completed within four months, an extension with a new timeline must be requested.

Some things to remember:

Step 6: Notify the research team of your final/published work.

When your work has been finalized and/or published, contact the local coordinator so that they can ensure that the work is added to Engage’s data analysis tracking records and, if applicable, the Engage website and social media pages. Be sure to provide the coordinator with a copy of the final/published work.

Contact Details

For questions and support, please contact your local Engage coordinator:


Email: montreal@engage-men.ca
Phone: 514-528-2400 ext. 3302


Email: toronto@engage-men.ca
Phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 552158
(please follow operator’s instructions)


Email: alal@bccfe.ca
Phone: 604-558-2017


May 01st, 2019