Employment Opportunity – GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainer

The Gay Counselling Training Hub (GCTH — https://gaycounselling.ca/)  provides training and supervision to individuals and organizations with gay, bisexual, queer, and 2-Spirit (GBQ2) men in Ontario. The GCTH’s mission is to promote the health and well-being of GBQ2 men in Ontario and beyond by training health and service providers across Ontario in supportive and effective counselling for GBQ2 men’s communities.  The GCTH is supported through the Ontario HIV Treatment Network Chair Award in Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health to Ryerson University’s Dr Trevor Hart.

The GCTH is seeking a new member for our training team:

A Social Worker / Psychotherapist / Counsellor to help us provide counselling training, practice and supervision to GBQ2 men and organizations in Ontario serving GBQ2 men clients.  The GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainer would work with fellow GBQ2 Men’s Counselling Trainers, including Dr. Hart, to help build counselling services capacity in Ontario to support GBQ2 men’s health and well-being.  

Deadline Friday July 2, 2021.

For a description of the position and how to apply, please follow the link below:

Keith Reynolds
June 18th, 2021